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David M. radius at
Mon Oct 17 11:43:37 CEST 2005


El Viernes 14 Octubre  2005 20:35, Alan DeKok escribió:
> "David M." <radius at> wrote:
> > Debug mode does not reveal further information, what I've noticed I
> > didn't before :( is checkrad is used to verify if the connection is still
> > established, despite simul_verify_query result.
>   Yes.  Because the accounting stop packets may have been lost.
That's right, actually I'm experiencing problems related with Stop packets 
that produce errors in MySQL driver I've to check, now I think checkrad is 
the best solution, furthermore in case SNMP timeout allows authorizes the new 
connection which IMO is desiderable.

> > My doubt/question is: checkrad is always used to Simultaneous-Use
> > checking? Is it not possible to use radacct table instead of SNMP
> > polling?
>   Yes.  Set the "nastype" to "other".

Thanks a lot for your help.
David Manchado
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