Not-really-a-bug issue with rlm_unix and maybe other modules

Martin.Ward at Martin.Ward at
Mon Oct 17 12:28:11 CEST 2005


I had a problem with the Radius server where I was using the rlm_unix
module to authenticate users against the passwd and shadow files, but even
when the correct login and password was being used the user was not being
authenticated. There was nothing reported in the log files at all apart
from "Authentication refused".

After much digging around and scrabbling through the source code I
eventually found out that the permissions on the /etc/shadow file were
incorrect. The permissions were 0400 with a group ownership of "sys"
instead of being 0440 with a group ownership of "shadow" (or any other
group of which the freerad user was a member), Changing the permissions and
group membership fixed the problem.

To make other people's lives easier I would like to request an update to
the rlm_unix module to report a permissions error, or simply to report the
output of strerror() to the log file, when such file errors occur.

In the rlm_unix source file files are opened using the code:

function_name(function defs) {
                FILE            *file = fopen(fname, "ro");
                struct passwd   *pwd = NULL;
                if(file == NULL) return NULL;

I would suggest replacing the last line above with:

                if(file == NULL) {radlog(L_ERR, strerror(errno)); return

or whatever equivalent is required. I don't know about the portability of
the strerror() function though, nor of all the details required when
calling the radlog function.

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