Ippool mysql....again :)

Mark Novitzkas Mark.Novitzkas at psitek.com
Tue Oct 18 16:29:11 CEST 2005

Hi all

Finally have ippool working but it seems my setting are messed-up

ippool main_pool {

                range-start = x.x.x.x
                range-stop = x.x.x.x
                netmask =
                cache-size = 800
                session-db = /home/radius/db.ippool
                ip-index = /home/radius/db.ipindex
                override = yes

Radius Db

mysql> select * from radcheck;
| id | UserName | Attribute     | op | Value
|  1 | tester    | Pool-Name     | == | main_pool

I get an access-reject message when sending a radtest?
radtest tester <pass> 0 <secret>

Does radcheck need the Pool-Name attribute?
Where do you place the password for user tester in the sql DB?

Thanks guys

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