wifi / mac authentication

Nick B freerad at bctechonline.biz
Thu Oct 20 22:36:44 CEST 2005

Im quite aware of what is being sent and what is shown via debug mode. 
unfortunatly i dont have access to the specific NAS in question so i cant 
see what attributes are being sent so im restricted to testing from computer 
to computer instead of the actual NAS to radius.

and My personal nas/router doesnt do mac address authentication via radius 
and hence my question.

I can authenticate no problem by supplying a username/password combination 
from ntradping.

My question still exists , does the NAS forward the wireless clients mac 
address to the radius server and does the CLIENT or the nas supply a/the 

> Hi,
> the documentation clearly describes such a required setup - but if you run
> FR is debugging mode -  ie radiusd -X   - then you will also learn exactly
> what is being sent from your NAS etc.
> alan
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