Freeradius and What's Up Gold Question

Linda Pagillo linda at
Fri Oct 21 00:08:31 CEST 2005

Thank you once again Mr.DeKok. I have already added the secret to my 
clients.conf entry. I also already checked into adding the shared secret to 
WUG and there is no way to do this, so i'm told. Is there another way around 
this problem? Perhaps i have my clients.conf entry incorrect. Here is what i 

client  {
       secret          = mysecrethere
       shortname       = shortnamehere

It is different for the entries i have for my NAS. Here is an example of of 

client {
       secret          = mysecrethere
       shortname       = shortnamehere
        nastype        = nastypehere
        login          = loginhere
        password       = passwordhere

Am I missing something? Thanks again.

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> "Linda Pagillo" <linda at> wrote:
>> This is how Ipswitch explains how it works:
>> "What we specified for a test is an INVALID test for the userid TEST as
>> it not encoded using the secret key. Then what we expect back is a
>> response telling us the userid doesn't exist.
>  This isn't how RADIUS works.  A "reject" is not the same as "user
> doesn't exist".  RADIUS has "reject", not "user doesn't exist".
>> You will have to include the Monitor station (that is, the computer
>> running WUG) in the /etc./raddb/clients file on the Radius server."
>  And the shared secret.
>> Now, the way I see it, it can be one of two things... The first... I
>> have my WUG set at 5 seconds as a time out. Could freeradius, at times,
>> be taking more than 5 seconds to respond to a sent request?
>  Sure, but it should be rare.  AND the WUG should re-transmit the
> packet, as is normally done by RADIUS clients.
>> The second... does freeradius lock out users after a certain amount of
>> bad requests
>  No.
>  Alan DeKok.
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