cheking mysql requests

Alex M alexm at
Thu Oct 27 02:47:57 CEST 2005

Ok, here are the answers to my own questions:
1. In order to read NAS table you have to unquote "reedclients=yes" to allow
to connect to NAS table in sql.config (at the end of the file)

2. My table was modified as was suggested by another post, but freeradius
qureys the table in TABULAR frmat, so results obrained where messed up

3. Despite that the short name in the table is set to allow null, the server
will not allow to use the record without short name so you have to have
nasname, shirtname, and secret field fielded up....

Hope it will help to ppl who have same questions that I did

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"Alex M" <alexm at> wrote:
> 1. How can I find if server obtained the records from the table?

  Read the debug output on startup.  Or, send it a packet from a
client configured in SQL.  Or, read the sqltrace file, I *think* the
queries are in there.

> 2. If you add lets say new user (user as user, not a NAS) to DB, when I
> to restart the server in order for settings to take affect?


  Alan DeKok.

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