status of rlm_python in 1.1.0 release

Ilia Chipitsine ilia at
Sun Sep 11 14:48:05 CEST 2005

Dear Sirs,

I just made diff between 1.0.4 and 1.1.0 rlm_python sources and they 
appear to be the same.

When that module will become non-experimental ? It has not been changing 
for years, maybe it can become regular module in 1.1.0 ?

We develop an application that uses rlm_python and we would like our 
customers to be able to run it against "out of box" compiled freeradius.
It would be bad to tell each customer "You know, our application uses 
rlm_python, which is still marked experimental and therefore You need to 
recompile freeradius ..."

We confirm that we didn't experience any problem with rlm_python.
It behave quite robust and predictable.

Ilia Chipitsine

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