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Oliver.Stutzke at atosorigin.com Oliver.Stutzke at atosorigin.com
Mon Apr 3 22:39:41 CEST 2006

Hi all,

i want to use FreeRADIUS (1.0.5) as an RADIUS Proxy, and must
change the NAS-IP-Address and the User-Realm before sending it to an
other Rasius Server.
I tried it within the preproxy_users file with

        User-Name :=
        NAS-IP-Address := x.x.x.x

The change of the User-Realm works, but not the NAS-IP-Address. The
sends the authentication requests with its hostname (in detail with the
aoutput of the /etc/hostname command).

Any ideas of helpfull information are welcome.
Oliver Stutzke
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