How to make FR reset the logs

Guy Fraser guy at
Thu Apr 6 23:29:12 CEST 2006

On Thu, 2006-06-04 at 14:12 -0400, Dennis Skinner wrote:
> Guy Fraser wrote:
> > vacuum;
> This is not a MySQL command.
> You probably want to look at CHECK TABLE, REPAIR TABLE, and OPTIMIZE
> TABLE.  But we are getting off topic here....
> I will note that FreeRADIUS performance had significant improvements
> once the tables were changed to InnoDB from MyISAM, especially the
> radacct table as that fills up quick if you don't archive regularly.

I said :

I don't use MySQL very often so do not know for sure if this would 
work, but here goes a simple example :

select * into radacct_old from radacct where AcctStopTime < '2006-04-01
00:00:00' ;

delete from radacct where AcctStopTime < '2006-04-01 00:00:00' ;


If you intend on using MySQL you will need to learn how to use
it. There are many functions and some may help you do what 
you want.

I prefer PostgreSQL, which is SQL92 compliant and does support 
the SQL VACUUM command. MySQL database maintenance is of little 
interest to me, because I do not think it is good for anything 
but text and blob storage, and I don't need that very often.
Since nobody else had attempted to answer the posters question 
I suggested a possible method he could try, and suggested he 
learn how to maintain MySQL if he intends on using it. I REALLY
do NOT want to get into a flame war over the differences between 
MySQL and PostgreSQL. I based my sample on SQL standard commands 
hoping that MySQL would support them, but having suggested that 
they may not work without specifying why, may have left it open 
for interpretation. I am sure that for those who know MySQL well 
it works very well for them, but I don't care to spend the time 
learning how to do things the MySQL way.

I have provided some assistance ensuring that the MySQL and 
PostgreSQL drivers had the same functionality, and have a 
MySQL db on the R&D machine for that purpose, but do not 
have any intention on using it for production. The 
PostgreSQL db I use for my custom Cistron server has operated 
flawlessly and at high efficiency since it was installed 
over 5 years ago. Since the Software and Hardware are long in 
the tooth, I will be upgrading them in the near future. I have 
been helping with the development of FreeRadius for a couple 
years, in preparation for this long anticipated upgrade. Once 
I have a good Management interface I will upgrade. I have 
spent a few days building some functions and others have been 
spending considerable time on similar projects, and some of 
us have agreed to share, our work in order to move this along, 
so I am hoping to have a new server in place by years end.

Good luck, and have a great day.

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