RADIUS stops responding after a while

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at restena.lu
Fri Apr 7 08:06:23 CEST 2006


> I've got strange behavior on y FR, need to find the way to prevent it, and
> find out what caused it.

That is something several people are experiencing and it is being looked into. 
Any help in debugging would be appreciated, I guess, since the problem is 
indeed hard to spot.
Check the mailing list archives of topic: "Version 1.1.1 stops responding".

> I've just went to my radius server and found out that it doesn't want to
> handle requests.. I restarted it in debug and it told me that SQL module is
> unknown. (was working fine for 1 month) I restarted again in debug and now
> it went OK and works fine, but this thing is not acceptable in the field .


> So does any one knows what could cause such a behavior (not accepting
> requests, due to module malfunction) and more importantly is there any way
> to monitor the server functionality? Let's say something like send testing
> request each 30min or something and if server doesn't reply send email
> notification?

You could use Nagios and its RADIUS module. That's what we do and it works 
like a charm. You can even say sth like: if the probe failed twice, do a 
stop/start of service and see if it helps; if not, send a notification.


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