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Sat Apr 8 10:04:58 CEST 2006

Hi all


I'm having major issues with getting Freeradius to authenticate from a Cisco
7204 that is terminating an L2TP tunnel and sending radius auth to a
FreeRadius server.


Using a default install of Freeradius and configuring it to accept auth
requests from the Cisco in clients.conf it just fails on authentication.

Even though the username and password in the users files is correct, proven
using radtest.


>From radius -X without changing any config options it gives me Login is
incorrect sending a plain text password.

No matter what I change in the config files it always fails.

I've tried adding Auth-Type's to the users entry such as Local and this
gives me things like no password is configured for the user.


Removing the "Default Auth-Type" from the top of the users file and setting
an Auth-Type in the users entry gives me no Auth-Type set.


Really not sure where the error is.


So I guess my question is does anyone use FreeRadius to authenticate from a
Cisco 7200 series with success?

If so is it possible to supply:


- The virtual template section that specifies the ppp authentication?

- A copy of the radius.conf file?

- The users file with an example users entry that works.


Then I can see if I've got it all setup correctly.


This used to work fine when I was using a Linux server to terminate the L2TP
tunnel, I used L2TPNS to do the termination and it sent radius
authentication to the FreeRadius server.







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