Send information to the Radius Client

Carlos Peñafiel carpeher at
Tue Apr 18 02:02:18 CEST 2006

Hello again

>why don't you use ldap for that?for the info.

Because I really have to add only one more attribute. My client is a hostAp 
(working like a router), so the "new attribute" should be "amount of 
broadband" (I am trying to use QoS), and for only one attribute, I think 
(maybe I am wrong) that a LDAP is too much for my purpose.

>   Will the client understand those attributes, and do something with
>them?  If the client doesn't already say "send phone number in
>attribute X", you'll have to modify it's source code to add that

Not yet. I was thinking about at the same time when the client receives the 
confirmation (the authentication), the RADIUS could send 
my-other-new-attribute ("amount of QoS"), because I guess I only need this 

> >  I am not sure if I have to create a module (I do not know if it is
> > necessary). But I do not know what files I must change. Can you help
> > me? can you give an idea?
>   The server contains documentation on how to configure it, and how to
>send any attribute with any value to a client.  Do you have a more
>specific question?

Where can I get that information? I have been looking for it on the Internet 
and I did not find this information. Also, I was looking the man pages and I 
was thinking in the attributes in the dicctionary, but it said that the 
radius server never sends it to the client, so I declined that way.

I will get any information or any idea which you all want to contribute.

Thank you again.

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