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DilipSimha.N.M nmdsimha at
Tue Apr 18 06:33:48 CEST 2006

thanks alan,

but why is the below statement given in the dictionary file???

#   The attributes number ranges are allocates as follows:
#   Range:  500-999
#       server-side attributes which can go in a reply list

#   These attributes CAN go in the reply item list.
ATTRIBUTE   Fall-Through        500 integer
ATTRIBUTE   Exec-Program        502 string
ATTRIBUTE   Exec-Program-Wait   503 string

and these attributes can be given  in the packet!!!


Alan DeKok wrote:

>"DilipSimha.N.M" <nmdsimha at> wrote:
>>what's the way to add user-defined attribute into reply-items?(name,value)
>>i tried by adding 2 attributes in the dictionary file in raddb, with the 
>>index of 998 and 999.
>  If they're supposed to go into a packet, they have to be 1..255.
>See the RFC's.
>  Alan DeKok.
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