Multiple Locations and configuring 2 different methods of Access

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Wed Apr 19 19:38:06 CEST 2006

> James <list-freeradius at> wrote:
>> My end-users right now are getting authenticated by the login-based
>> mysql radcheck table from freeradius and they are coming from multiple
>> locations through a web-based portal redirected by their gateway.
>   They're being authenticated by the web portal?
The connection is setup like this:
1. Laptop -> AP -> Gateway -> RADIUS & DSL Modem
2. The Gateway redirects clients to a custom web portal on the web.
3. when a client creates an account on the web portal, the web portal 
has a custom login form for the gateway.
4. when the click on submit on the custom login form , it POST's to the 
gateway and the gateway communicates back to the RADIUS and them gives 
them access.

>> My question is, if there is a way to setup freeradius for example: to
>> allow for 3 locations to login through the login based authentication
>> (the way it is setup right now) and at the same time grant 2 other
>> locations access without the need of using login based authentication,
>   So you're asking that some people get forced to use the web portal,
> and others bypass it?
Right now, people are already going through the web portal or are 
already "forced to use the web portal" to get authenticated. so what I 
am asking for is: if there is a way to setup RADIUS to somehow send a 
message or configuration attribute to the gateway to allow any clients 
connected to the gateway to access the internet without extra 
authentication aside from simply connecting to the gateway itself.

>   This isn't a RADIUS problem.  You're asking that some people (you
> don't say how you determine that) bypass authentication... which means
> bypassing RADIUS.
>   I don't see how RADIUS can tell people who don't use RADIUS that
> they don't need to use RADIUS.
>   Alan Dekok.
Sorry if I was not clear before, I was not asking to bypass RADIUS at 
all, please see the previous message.

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