Multiple Locations and configuring 2 different methods of Access

James list-freeradius at
Wed Apr 19 20:37:03 CEST 2006

>   Does the gateway send RADIUS packets when people connect to it?
>   If not, you can't use RADIUS to configure the behavior of the
> gateway.
Im not quite sure what you mean, I know that:

1. The gateway has accounting "on" and every 3 minutes it updates the 
RADIUS with packets containing the sessions of connected users and any 
related data. (this might be a yes to your answer, but I am not quite sure)

2. The gateway checks with the RADIUS server if a user is allowed to use 
the internet and also how much time he is allowed to use.

3. I can see in the log file when people connect through the RADIUS and 
I can see updates in the detailed accounting log for an specific location.

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