Multiple Locations and configuring 2 different methods of Access

James list-freeradius at
Wed Apr 19 20:57:27 CEST 2006

>   You said that everyone gets authenticated through the web portal.
> Why?  It's not necessary to authenticate people twice.  It causes
> problems, as you've seen.
no one gets authenticated twice, a nice looking HTML form is the only 
thing the web portal is. that's it. nothing more. the authentication is 
only done once by the gateway.
>   You don't need the web portal authentication, unless it's for some
> other purpose you're not saying.
we are sterring away from the original question here. if there is a way 
to setup RADIUS to somehow send a message or configuration attribute to 
the gateway to allow any clients connected to the gateway to access the 
internet without extra authentication aside from simply connecting to 
the gateway itself?  now lets keep in mind that there are multiple 
locations here and therefor are multiple gateways, all I want to know is 
of there is a way to allow just some of the gateways, not all, to give 
access without username/password authentication.

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