Multiple Locations and configuring 2 different methods of Access

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Wed Apr 19 21:42:36 CEST 2006

>> we are sterring away from the original question here. if there is a way 
>> to setup RADIUS to somehow send a message or configuration attribute to 
>> the gateway to allow any clients connected to the gateway to access the 
>> internet without extra authentication aside from simply connecting to 
>> the gateway itself?
>   The short answer is to read the documentation for the gateway
> software.  If it says that the gateway can do this, AND it can be
> configured through RADIUS, then it SHOULD say which RADIUS attribute,
> and what value to use.
That's exactly the part that I cannot find an answer to Alan, that's why 
I posted here to see if anyone has anything related to this. That's all 
the help I will be needing from you , Thank you for your time.

>> now lets keep in mind that there are multiple locations here and
>> therefor are multiple gateways, all I want to know is of there is a
>> way to allow just some of the gateways, not all, to give access
>> without username/password authentication.
>   Now you're disagreeing with yourself again.  This confuses the
> issue, and makes it difficult for anyone to solve the problem, because
> you keep changing the story about what the problem is.
>   a) people ALWAYS use RADIUS to authenticate before they get on the net.
>   b) people ALWAYS get a pretty web portal before they access the net
>   c) people SOMEHOW get past the web portal to get real net access
>   You want to change (b) so that SOME people get a web portal, sometimes.
>   The paragraph I quoted above says you want to change requirement (a).
>   Which is it?  I don't think you're clear on what you're trying to
> do.  Or, you're not describing it in a consistent and clear way.

I do admit, I could not make it clear enough for you to understand, but 
no worries, I gave it a shot anyways. Once again, I do thank you for 
your time Alan. If there is someone else besides Alan out there who is 
trying to achieve the same thing, I would love to hear from them. Thank 
you all and thank you Alan.

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