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Pelusa Vali pelusitavali at
Mon Apr 24 18:11:13 CEST 2006

hi list, well i use debian etch, kernel, madwifi-ng-r1475, freeradius 1.1.0, hostapd 0.5.2 and a linksys wmp55ag as wireless adaptor.  i can put it as access point, but have a big problem.  if only set access point without security or using wep, clients disconnect after 2-8 minutes and cann't reconnect, only if ap is reseted.  
so i used hostapd to set WPA-PSK and link was very stable for hours.
now set WPA-EAP and using freeradius configured PEAP.  it worked very well for 8 days.  stable, only connection delay was too large, but it worked.
after 8 days, clients deauthenticate and reauthenticate each 3-5 minutes.
i think it's related to madwifi, because of first problem i described.
any body has same behavior?? if so, how could it be solved??
it's an annoying, clients are working and suddenly they lost connection and must wait until it was re-established, it takes from 1 to 10 minutes to complete, if so.
do you have any idea??
thanks for your help

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