Making WinXP + WPA + Freeradius +LDAP work easily?

Mark D. Montgomery II techiem2 at
Tue Apr 25 18:59:37 CEST 2006

We are trying to setup a hotspot-type system on campus for easy
wireless access since we are planning to go all laptops in the near
Right now, we are trying to get a braindead WPA setup working (couple
hundred students + wep key or passkey + 2 IT people = pain).

Basically, we want ANYONE to be able to hit connect on the access point
and get a WPA connection (with minimal tweaking to windows settings to
make it work and without them having to enter their username and pass).

We will be using other methods to then authenticate valid system users
so they can actually do stuff.

Is there a way to have freeradius take any incoming wireless auth
request and change the username and password to the wireless user on
the ldap server?

We tried setting up a hints file and such, but it only used the user
and pass for the authentication authorization request and not for the
actual authentication request.


Is there an way to have it strip the computername\\username that
windows sends down to just the username?  (This is our less preferred
method, as it still requires us to have all users setup their systems
with their network username and pass for login)


Mark II

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