Create and Send attributes

Carlos Peñafiel carpeher at
Wed Apr 26 14:41:33 CEST 2006

>Carlos Peñafiel wrote:
> > Hello!!!
> >
> > I want to send from my radius server several attributes to the client,
> > but I've been looking at the documenation. I can do that if my
> > attribute-ID is between 1 and 100 (I guess, maybe is it 256), but also
> > the documentation says that a new attribute has to have an ID greater
> > than 3000.
> >
> > So, are not "the attributes between 100 (256) and 3000" sent to the
> > client radius? (I guess, they could be used for local management) If it
> > is not, how can I create an attribute with id grater that 3000 and send
> > to the radius client?
>If you are creating your own attributes, get an IANA enterprise number
>(either apply for one or re-use one if AND ONLY IF you're certainly it
>will only be used internally) and use a vendor-specific attribute space.
>See the dictionary.$vendor files for examples.
>Alternatively, have a dig in the dictionary files and/or RFCs for an
>existing attribute that closely matches the purpose. What are you trying
>to do?
>Obviously you'll have to have control over the radius client to make it
>actually use the new attribute. Most will only use attributes they
>already know about.

Hello and thank you to answer so soon.

I am trying to do something like "amount of quality of service" that a user 

I have the control over the radius client because I am using a HostAP, but 
looking at the documentation and on Google, I cant find a way to solve this. 
can you help me a little but more?

Thank you in advance.

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