RPM for Mandrake 10.1 - error

Nicolas Baradakis nbk at sitadelle.com
Thu Apr 27 12:19:57 CEST 2006

Paul Seaman wrote:

> I'm trying to compile a Mandrake 10.1 RPM for Freeradius-1.1.1 using the
> redhat .specfile, and it gets all the way to the end and then spits out:
> ln: creating symbolic link `/tmp/freeradius-root/usr/lib/libradius-1.1.1.la'
> to `libradius.la': No such file or directory

It's a known problem, and it'll be fixed in 1.1.2.

Just add this in src/lib/Makefile:

	$(INSTALL) -d -m 755 $(R)$(libdir)

Nicolas Baradakis

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