New PHP for interface

JasonN imjasonn at
Fri Apr 28 21:00:50 CEST 2006

I've have a set of new code for the PHP web-based interface to control
users, specifically in relation to the MySQL and FreeRADIUS combo.

These features are complete:
add user[s]
remove user[s]
disable user[s]
check user[s] password

It is however clean PHP with straightforward readable code and is
PHP4/5 compliant.  Anyone interested in working on this new approach,
please let me know.  It's simple, nothing fancy, no frames, etc. in
the HTML.  And, it already works for the basic necessary features.

I would like to see a few people code up some additional features.  It
works right now, as is, for most ISP needs.


Please address your interest directly to me: imjasonn at, so
you don't get filtered to my FreeRADIUS box.  You'll get quicker
attention, since I don't read this list every day.


Jason A. Nunnelley

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