Synchronous Proxy mode

Geoffroy Arnoud garnoud at
Tue Aug 1 18:41:37 CEST 2006


I have observed the following behaviour with FreeRADIUS 1.0.2, working in proxy mode, with synchronous set to YES:
If the realm server is not responding, after max_request_time has expired, the request is rejected, and the realm is marked to dead. I tried to add a backup server to the realm, and actually, the other incoming requests are sent to the secondary server (until dead_time is expired).

My questions are:
1/ Is this behaviour known? as it is stated in proxy.conf that "Additionally, if you want 'failover' to work, the server must manage retries and timeouts.  Therefore, if this is set to yes, then no failover functionality is possible."
2/ Is it still present in current stable (1.1.2)?

Thank you for any answer.

Best regards,

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