limiting user access

simon at simon at
Wed Aug 2 19:35:48 CEST 2006

>> I am setting up a single server to handle various access points at
>> various locations.  Is there a mechanism to limit access to a
>> particular access point based on the username?

>  There are generic mechanisms to configure the server to do what you
>want.  I suggest putting the users into a group (see man rlm_passwd),
>and then keying off of the NAS IP address to ensure that people not in
>that group are denied access.  See the FAQ.
> Alan DeKok.

Will this mechanism work if I am using MySQL as a backend to store user information?  I have looked over the man pages and the FAQ for rlm_passwd, and am still not sure how it all fits together.  Are there other sources I could look at for more information?  How does the module know which file to read when it initializes?  And since this does not support dynamic updates of the files, would it still be a good option if the file will be changed in a dynamic fashion?

Thanks again,


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