authenticating based on Nas-Port-Id

Colm Ennis cennis at
Wed Aug 2 20:33:00 CEST 2006


does anyone know if users/sql authentication based on the NAS-Port-Id 
field possible? and if so how?

thanks for your help,


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> Subject: authenticating based on Nas-Port-Id
> hi,
> i been using freeradius fastuser based authentication for several 
> thousand adsl customers for the last year or so now and it has 
> proved extremely reliable.
> in order to simplify customer setup and minimise lost password 
> support etc id like to start authenticating users based on 
> NAS-Port-Id rather than User-Name. (the dslams/basen we use 
> support populating NAS-Port-Id with the dslam/frame/slot/port).
> i am also working on migrating to a mysql authentication backend.
> so, does anyone have any tips on setting up NAS-Port-Id based
> authentication with users/fastusers/sql? i hope to permit the 
> user to use any username/password combination.
> thanks for your help and an excellent radius server,
> colm

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