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Fri Aug 4 19:12:41 CEST 2006

"Duane Cox" <duanec at> wrote:
> Alan, great job putting the new book together.

  And you haven't seen the rest of the content... As an example, I've
got 10 pages describing how dictionaries work, and how to create them.
At this rate, the book will be 400 pages long.

> I am using rlm_sql for user database lookup, and it works when the user is found, but how do I define a catch all for users not
> found in the db so that the server knows to reject them...


  In the "authorize" section, where you have the "sql" module listed,
change the 1-line entry of "sql" to:

  sql {
      notfound = reject

  And you're done.

> <debug output>
> Server rejecting request 2 due to failure to be told how to respond.
> WARNING: You did not configure the server to accept, or reject the user.  Double-check Auth-Type.

  That works, too, but generates lots of warning messages.  It's
better to tell the server explicitely what to do.

  Alan DeKok.
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