sqlcounter measuring weird times

Olivier Cant olivier at exxoss.com
Sun Aug 6 22:36:17 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I'm new to freeradius configuration, but I have read trough the 
documentation and ggogled quite a lot about freeradius configuration.  
I'm using freeradius with chillispot to implement an hourly prepaid card 
WiFi service.  Chillispot talks to the radius server with no problem and 
accoutning is properly written into the mysql table radacct.  The 
problem is that chillispot says to the user that he can still connect 
for 4531 hours even when the Max-All-Session attribute for that login 
says 3600 (the total od the corresponding entries in radacct for 
AcctSessionTime gives 5056.  The user can still connect trough the 
captive portal.

Here is my sqlcounter.conf file :

sqlcounter noresetcounter{
    counter-name = Max-All-Session-Time
    check-name = Max-All-Session
    sqlmod-inst = sql
    key = User-Name
    reset = never
    query = "SELECT SUM(AcctSessionTime) FROM radacct WHERE 

noresetcounter and sql are in the authorize section
and sql is in the accounting section

Has anyone run into this issue ?

Thanks a lot, sorry if this is a newbie question


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