More documentation on Auth-Type

Rohaizam Abu Bakar haizam at
Mon Aug 7 02:53:39 CEST 2006

I've read the docs about auth-type configuration. And agree that without 
setting auth-type and leave FR to auto detect it, the auth will work even up 
to EAP. But sometimes we have to specify auth-type in order to search for 
different tree in LDAP for each services. Even Autz-Type also need to be 
specified but some of the EAP won't work such as EAP-TTLS-PAP.

normally EAP sequence works OK but when up to comparing password, it will 
failed. I've reported my problem a few times in mailing list.

Any comments?


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>  Many web sites contain all sorts of recommendations about Auth-Type.
> This one is correct.
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