More documentation on Auth-Type

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Mon Aug 7 12:00:54 CEST 2006

Rohaizam Abu Bakar wrote:
> Alan,
> Refering to below config, each services having their own LDAP tree and 
> specified under ldap module with different Auth-Type & Autz-type 
> specified in radiusd.conf. How can I set in users file to search for 

Aside from setting Reject/Accept, that (use of >1 module for a given 
auth method) is probably the single valid use. That use would be better 
supported using another method than conflating module instance names 
with algorithm names.

> which tree? Normally i detect NAS-Identifier, NAS-Port-Type as check 
> item. If I specify Auth-Type & Autz-Type in users file, seems working 
> but when up to EAP.. it's not working....

That is probably because the EAP "inner" request does not have the 
NAS-Id and NAS-Port-Type attribute. Set "copy_request_to_tunnel = yes" 
on the EAP method(s) you're using.

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