a question about settings for EAP-TLS authentication

Thibault Le Meur Thibault.LeMeur at supelec.fr
Mon Aug 7 19:59:23 CEST 2006

> 1, installed openssl-0.9.7-stable-SNAP-20060731, which is downloaded from
> www.openssl.org.
> 2, completed the necessary settings in openssl, which is locaed in
> /usr/local/openssl/ssl.
> rlm_eap_tls: Loading the certificate file as a chain
> Segmentation fault

Seg Fault humm... I usually get this error is when I install a 
dedicated openssl library in /usr/local and have my base system use 
another bundled openssl library !

Do you need to manually install openssl or can you just update the 
openssl package from you distro ?

Have you taken special care about he openssl libraries used during 
freeradius compilation/linking ?

Can you try playing with the LD_RUN_PATH environment variable in order 
to make sure the dynamic linker is using the openssl library used at 
Freeradius build phase ?


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