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Dennis Skinner dskinner at
Tue Aug 8 20:04:42 CEST 2006

Please don't top post.  It makes it hard to respond and have it make

Duane Cox wrote:
> Dennis Skinner wrote:
>> My own testing found that the usergroup table would not be used unless
>> the SQL-Group attribute is found.  I set it in the huntgroups file
>> myself, but you should be able to do it in the radcheck table.
>> As a test, set SQL-Group in the users table and run the server in
>> debugging mode.  You will see where it is trying to do the lookup.
>> I found this in the server docs, so it is there.  I just don't recall
>> where I read it.  I did find the part that you quoted misleading though...

> You are right, but is that right??  I dont' see that anywhere in the
> docs, that behaviour doesn't make sense...

Just pretend you didn't read the docs about groups that you quoted and
it makes sense :)

I don't recall where I read the part that led me to that solution.  It
may have been in the wiki, but I can't get to it now to check.  Wiki
down again??  My requests time out.

Dennis Skinner
Systems Administrator
BlueFrog Internet

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