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Now that I've opened this multi-radius server can of worms ... is switching
over to use the mysql backend on another host as simple as:

1) Installing mysql on another server;

2) Running the mysql.sql on that server to setup the radius database;

3) Changing the radiusd.conf (after backing it up) and un-commenting the
area that deals with the mysql


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> Does Freeradius have the ability to use multiple nodes in similar fashion
> to name servers?  An example of this would be a situation when the master
> freeradius server is down for some reason, but the slave freeradius
> server(s) continue to grant & deny access but do not receive any updates
> until the master is back up.

You can simply set up more than one FreeRADIUS instance. Then you have to
your clients that more than one authentication server exists - pretty much 
the same as with DNS. But as with DNS, you should pay attention on how your 
clients will recover in case of a failure. Some may for example eternally
the "slave" even when the "master" is back up again. The reasons I use
is that there is no concept of superiority of one server vs. the other -
are just two equal alternatives to the client.

For the "won't receive any updates" I'm not sure what you mean.

> Also, if there are any HOWTO or example configurations of this type of
> setup, those would be very helpful.

Just setup the server twice (ideally both using _one_ authentication
e.g. a mySQL db on a different host that both can access) and tell your 
client devices about it.


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