Mysql procedure and freeradius

Alesha lehamag at
Wed Aug 9 06:10:36 CEST 2006

Hi All.
I have the trouble with mysql & freeradius.I begin to write own authorization 
using mysql procedures.In sql.conf i have this 
authorize_check_query = "CALL DB.auth_check('%{SQL-User-Name}');"
And in DB have procedure auth_check with this code:
CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE DB.make_auth (id int,username VARCHAR(40),attribute 
....certain checks...
INSERT INTO DB.make_auth (id,username,attribute,op,value) VALUES 
SELECT id,username,attribute,op,value FROM DB.make_auth;
So..this procedure when i call her from CLI return table like this 
| id   | username | attribute     | op   | value  |
|    1 | username   | User-Password | :=   | password |
Look good..but when I'm trying to use radtest  and radius -X i'm getting this:
radius_xlat:  'username'
rlm_sql (sqlauth): sql_set_user escaped user --> 'username'
radius_xlat:  'CALL DB.auth_check('username');'
rlm_sql (sqlauth): Reserving sql socket id: 28
rlm_sql_mysql: query:  CALL DB.auth_check('username');
rlm_sql_mysql: MYSQL check_error: 1312 received
rlm_sql_getvpdata: database query error
rlm_sql (sqlauth): SQL query error; rejecting user
rlm_sql (sqlauth): Released sql socket id: 28
What's wrong???
P.S.Sorry for my english)))

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