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Ruslan N. Marchenko ruff at
Wed Aug 9 15:10:03 CEST 2006

Hi all.

Maybe its a dummy question, but i wonder, if i can supply 
several values to check for Access-Request?

I mean following:
i create a user, add Framed-IP-Address to radcheck for 
this user (i realy mean this user should have fixed 
and then i include this user to two groups. Each group has 
Service-Type attribute in radgroupcheck table,
one group has value == Call-Check, while other 
Requests with Service-Type = Login-User passes authorize 
section(it has lower id so compares first), but Call-Check 
fails with "module "sql" returns notfound for request"

Is this correct behaviour and i should not use such 
approach? Or i can make freeradius to do that?

One more question is - how to use nas table for clients?
i use postgresql as a backend.

Olimp, System Administrator
  IT Dept. 8 062 381-34-28
Looking forward to reading yours.
      Ruslan N. Marchenko

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