acct_users Exec-Program causing defuct programs

Michael da Silva Pereira michael at
Wed Aug 9 19:51:28 CEST 2006

I am trying to use Exec-Program to notify me of users logging in and out of
my systems. For some reason I keep getting "defuct" programs everytime it
runs my application:

My acct_users file looks like the following:
DEFAULT Acct-Status-Type == Start
        Exec-Program = "/etc/raddb/"
DEFAULT Acct-Status-Type == Stop
        Exec-Program = "/etc/raddb/"
DEFAULT Acct-Status-Type == Update
        Exec-Program = "/etc/raddb/"
My /etc/raddb/  looks like the following:
exit 0;

I am running:
radiusd: FreeRADIUS Version 1.1.1, for host , built on Jul 25 2006 at
Copyright (C) 2000-2006 The FreeRADIUS server project. 
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,	
Michael da Silva Pereira	

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