Setting up Radius

Mike mike at
Wed Aug 9 17:56:29 CEST 2006


I'd just like to say hi to everyone.

I am setting up FreeRadius to be used to authenticate dial-up and DSL
users ( I would like to use the unix passwd file because we
already have a radius server in place that is using the unix passwd
file. However, from what I understand CHAP will not work against the
unix passwd? Is this true, and does windows use this for dial-up and
PPPOE connections? I do not know what windows uses.

Also, I will simply make a script that will copy the passwd, shadow
file, and the group file somewhere and tell radius to use these files
oppose to the default files. This way I can revoke and grant people
access to the radius server. I saw an option in the radius.conf file for

If this scenario will not work, is there a way I can achieve this using
the unix passwd file, or making a script that will copy out all the
users based on group names to a plain file that radius can use?

Thank you for you time,


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