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Lin Richardson lin at xmission.com
Thu Aug 10 20:26:31 CEST 2006

Okay, two quick questions.

If I set up an exec module in the radiusd.conf file, with the intent of
using an external script to authenticate, as follows:

        exec special_auth {
                wait = yes
                program =
                input_pairs = request
                output_pairs = reply
in the "instantiate" section I include the following

Then in the "authenticate" section

        Auth-Type NEWAUTH {

Question 1:
This script is intended to be an Authentication method.  How do I teach
freeradius (during the authorize process?) to set Auth-Type to use this
method when appropriate?
This would mean that freeradius would have to set the Auth-Type to NEWAUTH,
right?  The NEWAUTH block would in turn kick of the special_auth module and
execute my auth script?

Question 2:
A related, but separate question regarding external scripts.  Having
specified the "output_pairs = reply" parameter, how does a script set or
return the pairs for use by freeradius.

I know I'm off base a little because this does not seem to work as yet, any
guidance here would be appreciated.

Lin Richardson
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