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Hello Jan (Talking to myself :D )

Solved this issue. Tried to force UPDATE-Packets with Acct-Interim-Interval,
but my cisco NAS seemed to ignore this. I dont know why.
This Attribute should be supported since IOS 12.1.

I could force the Cisco NAS to send UPDATE PAckets with the following command.

tunnel(config)#aaa accounting update periodic 5

now the Cisco NAS sends Accounting Updates every 5 Minutes
and after the first UPDATE the framed IP is in the radacct Table
and shown in the Online USers Page of DialUpAdmin.

I am happy.

Thanks Jan :D

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Hello freeradius users

I am using freeradius 1.0.4 with pgsql and dialupadmin(version 1.70.2).
Everything works great, but there is only one thing i want to know.

In dialupadmin there is this online users page, 
where i can see which users are currently online.

I see the username, name and duration,
but Ip-address and caller-ID is empty.

Caller-Id is emtpy, because it isnt sended , the cisco server who is
acting as the LNS
is not able to send the Caller Id. Thats allright. 

The Ip-adress is from the main_pool of the radius server, but it is not
put in the first INSERT-query
when the user logs in. So i cant see it in dialup_admin, 
because the query for online-users is only looking for sessions without
an accstoptime.
If i logout(sending an acc-stop) radius puts the right ip-address of the
client in the radacct-table.
Is there a way to put the Ip-adress in the first INSERT or another way
to see it in the online-users page,
because it would be very userful to see the ip-adress of the online

thanks for help

greez from vienna



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