mySQL auth

Keith Woodworth kwoody at
Fri Aug 11 23:01:39 CEST 2006

We are consolidating servers and moving from a BSD/OS and ICRadius
setup and auth'ing via passwd file to FreeBSD.

I have run into an issue with authenticating and how I should do it.

Our old setup had a web interface designed 7 yrs ago, written in C, which
the developer is no longer around and most of the source has gone too that
we entered users into the passwd file to login via dialup.

So my options are to a) move the passwd file from another machine over the
network and build a new one each time or b) auth via database.

Will FreeRadius auth via mySQL using the unix crypt? I have no way of
adding the users into a database with their passwords. Or long way of
capturing each users password from ICRadius and adding them to the

Has anyone else converted from a passwd file to a database of some

Thanks for any info.

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