mySQL auth

Keith Woodworth kwoody at
Sat Aug 12 00:12:54 CEST 2006

On Fri, 11 Aug 2006, Alan DeKok wrote:

|->Keith Woodworth <kwoody at> wrote:
|->> Will FreeRadius auth via mySQL using the unix crypt?
|->  No... but it will read crypt'd passwords from the DB, and use them
|->for authentication.

Thats basically what I want, but didnt know now to express it properly.
Just be able to take the username, crypted password and real name, stuff
it into a database and read the database when someone dials up.

Any pointers on how to setup radiusd.conf to do this?

|->  I don't know anything about the ICRadius schema.  The FreeRADIUS
|->schema is pretty rigid, so integrating the two might take a bit of

Almost the same acutally. There are few things that ICRadius keeps in a
database table, such as dictionary, hints, nas info and there are a few
extra table columns in FreeRadius compared to ICRadius, but overall very
similiar. Even the table names are the same.

Ive already got an AS5200 we had sitting around using this FR setup, but
have come to the point we need to move all users to a database now for
ease of use mostly and for future portability.

We have one NAS left in production and only ~600 users left on dialup. The
rest of our user base is DSL now.

Thanks for any pointers.

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