Managing connection on Freeradius

Igor Smitran igor at
Mon Aug 14 10:40:52 CEST 2006

>    Hello all,
>    I am quite new to freeradius and I am with a doubt. I have a
> PPPoE-Server that authenticate the users into my FreeRadius server. The
> problem is that if a client, by some reason, get lost of connection the
> freeradius mantain the log about that connection and, if the client try to
> connect again, it say that siomultaneos use is not allowed.
>    So I have to delete radutmp and radwtmp, restart radius, and lost the
> track of connections.
>    There is any tool to make it easier? Or some configuration that if 
> there
> is no package coming from the cliente for 60 seconds it will disconect the
> client?

Read radzap help 

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