Does Freeradius support IAPP (802.11f)??

David Mitton david at
Mon Aug 14 15:47:14 CEST 2006

IEEE 802.11f was a Recommended Practice (not a Standard) issued by IEEE
Standards Association, 802.11 group.
I know it was deprecated due to reading minutes of recent meetings,
accessible to participants.

They are the ones that maintain it's status. They have websites, but none
dedicated to it in particular.

You'll have to ask them, for "official" word.

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  On 8/11/06, David Mitton <david at> wrote:

    >One should be aware that 802.11f has been deprecated by the

    >To use it requires support in all your Access Points and the
    RADIUS >server(s).

  Thank you very much. This information is very important for me. But
  would you please tell me where you get it or know about it? I want to
  get more detail informatioin about it from official website.


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