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Hasan Ovuc hasan.ovuc at
Tue Aug 15 08:58:55 CEST 2006

Hello Members, 
I am using FR-1.0.1, unixODBC 2.2.11, Sybase ODBC-12_5 drivers on FC5. I
have problem version of FR because of I couldn't upgrade it. New
versions of FR does not send cisco attributes in access reject replies.
I can only work with FR-1.0.1. I want to the attribute Cisco AVPair +=
-1 in access reject reply like below sample. 

Has anyone any thought ? 

Related setting in my sql.conf;

authorize_reply_query = "EXEC ra_authentication_reply
'%{SQL-User-Name}', '%{User-Password}', '%{Called-Station-Id}'"

Return of Sample Query

SQL> EXEC ra_authentication_reply 'A02165554149', '1', ''

|            |                               | query_attribute
| query_value                             | query_op|
| -1         | A02165554149                  | Cisco-AVPair
| h323-return-code=1                      | +=      |
SQLRowCount returns 0
1 rows fetched

Thank you, 

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