AAA Authentication in PIX using Freeradius

ajay raut rautajays at
Tue Aug 15 10:17:18 CEST 2006

                 I have implemented freeradius for PIX525  as a authentication server.
  Radius is running fine in authenticating users, who wants the console access of PIX.
      In AAA Authentication i have configured FALLTHROUGH for RADIUS as a LOCAL Database means whenever RADIUS service goes down authentication of PIX will taken care by Local database of PIX.
          That is also working fine except one problem, 
                At the time of testing FALLTHROUGH , I stopped Radius service and try to authenticate PIX using Local Database that worked fine but when i again started the RADIUS service PIX is still taking authentication from LOCAL database. 
        After 10 min. PIX succefully falling back on RADIUS for authentication that means there is atleast 10 min. of delay to again start the Authentciation from RADIUS in PIX.
  I have tried different IOS of PIX for this, still it is  giving the same problem that means IOS of PIX is not the problem inthis case.
    Any input from the members of this  list will be helpful for me as it is my last ray of hope now........
  Thanks & Regards,

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