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Lawrence Shafer detroit371 at
Tue Aug 15 15:57:53 CEST 2006

Step 1, Read!!!  --this
is a good read.
Do a google search for radius install howto for your distro.
Once installed read through all the configuration files and try to
understand whats going on.
Find a howto for the type of setup you are doing and follow it

When you finally think you're ready, run it in debug mode so you can see
whats going on.
radiusd -sfxxyz -l stdout

If it doesn't work, read the debug! you can probably see what the
problem is yourself. If not, post it here along with the symptoms.

If you have any additional questions, google first, try it, and lastly
post back here. But make sure it is a detailed question so you will get
some answers. And remember the debug mode.

Good luck!

Lawrence Shafer

affora deeb wrote:
> hi guys
> i have problem and hope u help me if u can and i'll be really so
> thankfull.
> i have to use free radius on linux to connect to switch and do
> authentication and authorization
> so please can any one tell me the steps of doing this mission cuz i
> didn't treat it before
> as soon as possible .
> thank u
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