how to input data in radius MySQL database for using MAC address authentication

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Wed Aug 16 18:13:08 CEST 2006

Hi everyone, 


I read through some of  threads about using MAC address authentication,
but the issue still wasn't solved. I am new to this field, and I want to
implement a FreeRadius server to communicate with Cisco Aironet 1200
Access Point using MAC address authentication method. 


The network environment: 

1.	Set up Cisco AP to use Radius server, and MAC Address
2.	Set up freeRadius (Ver.1.1.2) on FreeBSD server (Ver 6.1), and
use MySQL database (not users file) 
3.	I insert a record into radcheck table:  use MAC address as user

         1      000b6b54a738




4.	Use Ntradping.exe to test the radius server with above user
account (leave password as blank), and get Access-Reject. 


Obviously, I guess the issue is in the password. If I put the some
characters into the password field in radcheck table and test it again
with the same password in Ntradoing.exe, I do get Access-Accept. But, I
don't think Cisco AP will send a password when using MAC address


I am wondering how to input data in radius database for AP using MAC
address authentication, and where I should fill in all relating
settings. Any input from the members of this list would be much


Thanks & Regards,





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