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Could some body help on my requirments.?

Below are my requirments.

1) When the radius server recives a accounitng start , accounting stop and
Accounitng Intermediate update the free radius should pass on its attributes
to another external funciton.

2) Based on the call back function or any other interface from external
program the free radius should send a Accounting response message back based
on the attributes value retrived from the other function.

For the first requirment i have a understaning to follow the below

Using the acct_users file based on the acct_status_type using Exec_program
attributes values could be passed as command line arguments.
The varibales for the same can be defined in variables.txt.

For the second requitment i do not have any clues , how to achive that.

It whould be great help if any inputs given on the above requirments.

Thanks and regards
Shankar ganesh

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