How to send radius packet to two separated Radius server?

biuro at biuro at
Fri Aug 18 12:38:19 CEST 2006

I have special requirements that I do not know how to implement in  
Freeradius. We have two radius servers one is connected to Postgress  
and should handle all kind of radius packet and second connected to  
MySQL and should handle only accounting request. This configuration  
can look bizarre but 'accouning server' insert/delete/modify many rows  
in database and we had to use MySQL to avoid Postgress vacuum problem  
(our system is VoIP real time system and we cannot wait to make vacuum  
on production  database).
My question is it possible to somehow duplicate packet and send it to  
two separated  Freeradius (I've found that in GNU radius probably can  
be achieved by Forward module)? I cannot use radius proxy because it  
can only split  packet between several server but does not send the  
same message to different host.

Can you have any proposition how to solve it?

Michal Szymanski

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