help on this issue solved

Elie Hani ehani at
Wed Aug 23 16:33:19 CEST 2006

Hi Alan;

Well I want to thank u for this idea, even if it was not the solution, but
it guided me to the solutions.
The solution was as follows:
The db.ippool didn't have enough permission to be created, so I've created
it myself (touch db.ippool)
Then I have changed the permission: chmod 777 db.ippool

But after finishing the test, we should change the permissions for security
reasons, and it depends on the groups and the users.

And now it is working great.

Thanks again guys.

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"Elie Hani" <ehani at> wrote:
> While debugging, I've got this message:
> Rlm_ippool: Failed to open file /etc/raddb/db.ippool/db.ippool: permission
> denied

  It looks like you have one extra "db.ippool" name in the ippool

  Alan DeKok.
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