Active Directory/freeradius/enterasys - combination

Michael Messner michael.messner_edv at
Wed Aug 23 17:54:22 CEST 2006

hey Phil, hey list

Phil Mayers wrote:
> Michael Messner wrote:
>> If I define the users on the Radius with the help of the users file it
>> is no problem and it works perfectly, but how can I use the information
>> from the AD?
> Use the "ldap" module to query AD and add attributes to the reply
> dynamically. For example:
> DEFAULT    Ldap-Group == "cn=students,dc=domain,dc=com"
>     Filter-Id = "Enterasys:version=1:mgmt=su:policy=userrole"
> ...or similar.

thanks for your help, now I have configured the Ldap connection to AD
with the Ldap Groups and yea it works! :-)

But as I understood I can't use PEAP or MD5 authentication, am I right?
So there is nothing with 802.1x security?!?
If so, are there any other possible solutions/workarounds?

I hope somebody can give me any help, information, links or something else.

ca mIke

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